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Faith Satellite Radio FSR

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Created : 2008 Statut : Catholique

Mission Statement : Faith Satellite Radio is the only faith based satellite radio service covering Africa, and Europe. FSR's objective is to provide Faith Organizations with new, innovative and alternative methods of communication. FSR's goal is simply to provide the ability to communicate with parishioners, pastors, and missionary workers throughout Africa utilizing FSR’s network.

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How FSR Works? Faith Satellite Radio uses the WorldSpace Satellite Radio Network’s AfriStar satellite, to broadcast digital-quality audio channels to the faith community in Africa and around the world. The AfriStar satellite has three beams that cover the entire continent and broadcast directly to fixed and portable satellite radios. Inside each satellite radio receiver is a proprietary chipset designed to lock onto the AfriStar signal in one’s area. Faith Satellite Radio Data access 128Kbps anywhere in Africa. No other option provides a dedicated network for the faith community that Faith Satellite Radio offers. Also, each satellite radio receiver is equipped with a data port that transforms it into a wireless modem able to download data to personal computers at rates of up to 128kbps. Thus, the radio receiver can also broadcast multimedia content. Through the use of the AfriStar digital satellite signal, Faith Satellite Radio has no fading, noise or interference. The system delivers high quality digital sound in a coverage area of 14 million square kilometers. As long as one is in line of sight with the satellite, one will never lose the Faith Satellite Radio signal. The broadcasting will be available in 9 different languages (English, French, Kiswahili, Amharic, Tigrinya, Arabic, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese) throughout the African continent.

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