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InterWorld Radio IWR ENGLAND

Contact : Francesca Silvani, Director - Anna Egan, Radio Editor
Adresse / Address : Panos Institute, 9 White Lion Street
      London N1 9PD London N1 9PD
Tel. : +44 (0)20 7239 7630/1/2/3 (direct); +44 (0)20 7278 1111 (switchboard)
Fax. : +44 (0)20 7278 0345
EMail :
Created : Statut : Privé

Mission Statement : We believe in using radio to make a difference to people’s lives by giving them access to information, stimulating debate, and improving communication. We do this by working with journalists and radio stations all over the world to give local stories a global context and to root international stories in the experiences of real people, whose point of view is often ignored or overlooked. We make and distribute topical, provocative, and thought-provoking radio features. We also work with radio stations to extend their own programming, and offer them training and advice. We also produce a daily ready-to-read news bulletin which is available either via email or on the website. All our programmes are broadcast quality and are available free of charge and ready to download from this website. They are flexible and designed to fit into existing magazine or discussion programmes, and our formats are always driven by what you and your listeners need.

Affiliation : Panos London, AMARC, Institut Panos Afrique de l'Ouest,, TVE London N1 9PD

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InterWorld Radio is part of the Panos Institute, an international media organisation which produces news, features and analysis about the most critical global issues of today. Among the audio series available on the site : regular strand of features on HIV/AIDS, Digital Divide, Rural Telephony, etc. Joining IWR is free. By becoming a member you will be able to download all the audio features, receive free email bulletins and network with IWR members across the world. Whether you're a journalist, member of a radio station or an individual who works for a related organisation, by joining IWR you can access IWR services. Radio stations are allowed to - Download the English-language features for rebroadcast, or reversion them into your local language using the script and audio provided - Use the Daily International News Bulletin - written ready-to-read and sent every day by 1300 GMT - as part of, or background for, your station's news broadcasts - Contact journalists IWR has commissioned - and view details of other journalists in the IWR Network - all over the world. - Access key resources - for training, programming, forward planning - and receive the monthly email newsletter for radio stations - Network with other radio stations and media organisations from all over the world - Read in-depth interviews with IWR's partner radio stations.

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