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Adresse / Address : P.O. Box 222       NL-1200 JG Hilversum Tel. : +31 35 672 4211
Fax. : +31 35 672 4252
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URL : EN / SP / PO
Created : 1947 Statut : Public

Mission Statement : Radio Nederland is a multimedia organization. We share issues being discussed in Holland with the rest of the world, in Dutch and several foreign languages. We also cover regional developments in areas of the world without free media. Radio Nederland has always tried to be different from the other 120 or so international broadcasters on the radio dial. It is not the largest, yet the station consistently scores as one of the most popular. The secret is simple - we have the freedom to be creative and relevant to the people we're trying to serve. Radio Netherlands is not a government broadcaster, but an independent foundation. The information below helps to explain what we are doing, how we're doing it and why.

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Radio Nederland currently broadcasts radio programmes and publishes Internet pages in six languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian and Papiamento. The programme division also supplies stations in Africa with radio programming via satellite in French, bringing the total to seven. The RN website proposes to listen to the programmes, news on the Netherlands and the world; access to free subscription to a daily electronic newsletter. There is a attracting plus on the RN website: the "Media Network". This section offers news about media development in the world, in particular about community media and media in war and conflict situation. The most recently published dossiers are the following: Dutch Media Dossier; Afghanistan; Counteracting Hate Media; Iraq; Zimbabwe. Under the same headline "Media Network" RN presents recommended radio-related reading...and listening where you can get free and reliable reviews of radio related publications.

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