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Channel Africa - Voice of the African Renaissance SOUTH AFRICA

Contact : Thami Ntenteni: Executive Editor - Mlungisi Daweti: Programmes Manager
Adresse / Address :       Johannesburg Tel. : +27 11 7142255 // +27 11 7144433
Fax. : +27 11 7142537 // +27 11 7142424
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URL : EN / FR / PO
Created : Statut : Public

Mission Statement : VISION: To be the Voice of the African Renaissance. MISSION: To promote the regeneration, revival and rejuvenation of Africa through the production and broadcast of dynamic, stimulating and interesting programmes.

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Channel Africa is the SABC international radio service. As a station based in South Africa, Channel Africa wants to provide a window into the new democratic South Africa as well as a role to play in showcasing the democratic dispensation in the country. This also entails promoting a culture of respect for human rights. As an African broadcaster Channel Africa is in the forefront of this struggle for development and the promotion of the ideals of the African renaissance. Channel Africa broadcast live on three platforms; Shortwave, Satellite, and Internet. Its broadcasts are in Chinyanja, Silozi, Kiswahili, English, French and Portuguese. The Satellite broadcast is via PAS 10 and is accessible through SENTECH's vivid decoders. The Shortwave broadcast covers the south, east, central and west Africa. The Satellite broadcast covers the sub-Saharan region although it can be picked as far as London. The Internet broadcast covers the entire world.

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