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Centre de formation / Training center

Bush Radio - Broadcast Training Institute Bush Sari SOUTH AFRICA

Contact :
Adresse / Address : 330, Victoria Road, Salt River, 7925 Cape Town
PO Box 13290, Mowbray       7705 Cape Town
Tel. : +27 +21 448 54 50 -
Fax. : +27 +21 448 54 51
EMail : zibrahim@iafrica.com    mother@bushradio.co.za
URL : http://www.bushradio.co.za
Created : Statut : Privé

Niveau / Level : Technique

Degré / Degrees :

Critère d'admission / Prerequisite :

Cours / Courses : Bush Radio proposes
* Basic training in Broadcasting
* Internships of up to three months to young broadcasting and communications scholars from all over the world, as well as to established professional radio broadcasters. Radio Bush places interns in its Broadcast Trainng Institute attached to the station. Cost for internship is R 5,000.00 (about US$ 500.00) per month.

Durée / Duration : Up to three months Internship

Commentaire / Comment.
The students are enabled to conduct a basic interview using a field recorder, and will have some knowledge of community radio, and the possibilities of radio in general. Introductory courses cover, different forms of radio, community radio and its role, intro to field recorders, reel to reel machines, studios, basic editing, and various programme formats and the role of producers, presenters, reporters, engineers, etc.

A practical one year on the job experience, structured to offer young graduates, or individuals an opportunity to work and learn in the field of broadcasting.

1. News:
News in-service trainees are required to gather the information, log and edit, as well as finally read the news live on air for each newscast.

2. Music:
The trainees are expected to ensure that the local content quota, as stipulated by the IBA is adhered to. And also maintain the music library, liaise with record companies, ensure that the station is offering a balanced variety of music on air.

3. Production:
The trainee has to spend a great deal of time making himself/herself aware of the community's development needs regards health, safety, education etc. The amount of research is sometimes overwhelming but the trainees are assured skills development and support opportunity.

4.Programme Management Trainee:
Many stations experience problems in the area of programming expertise. The majority of stations, go on air with basic intro level skills. The Programme Management Trainee programme is designed to assist the trainee to carefully assess the needs of the station, the make up of the community and the resources of the station. The trainee is thus enabled to design, asses, evaluate and implement a comprehensive programming schedule.

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