Centres de formation

Centre de formation / Training center

Institute for Advancement of Journalism IAJ SOUTH AFRICA

Contact : Jacob Ntshangase, Executive Director
Leela Parbhoo, Executive Secretary
Adresse / Address : 9 Jubilee Road, Parktown, Johannesburg 2193
PO Box 2544       Houghton 2041
Tel. : +27 11 484 1765/6/7 -
Fax. : +27 11 484 2282
EMail : info@iaj.org.za   
URL : http://www.iaj.org.za
Created : 1992 Statut : Privé

Niveau / Level : Professionnel

Degré / Degrees :

Critère d'admission / Prerequisite :

Cours / Courses : Séminaires intensifs

Durée / Duration : Short sessions

Commentaire / Comment.
The Institute for the Advancement of Journalism will:
* deliver relevant training in print and broadcasting skills to working journalists throughout Africa;
* help journalists from across Africa meet, learn from each other and share experiences;
* support and initiate training programmes which help stimulate the development of sound news values and an appreciation of the key role of the media in society;
* work with journalists to improve professional standards and develop conducive working conditions;
* having a particular commitment to assisting journalists from previously disadvantaged backgrounds;
* support the right to free speech and freedom of information;
* support media and training policies which uphold non-racialism and gender equality, and oppose all forms of harassment;
* uphold integrity and truth-telling in the media by all democratic means.
IAJ courses offer an opportunity to learn new skills and refresh old ones, to network and to debate. Partnerships with institutions like the Poynter Institute, Wits and Duke Universities gives access to the newest thinking in media around the world.
Formal courses, on-site programmes and awards all have one aim - to help journalists become sharper, whether they use keyboards, microphones or pens.

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