Centres de formation

Centre de formation / Training center

National Electronic Multimedia Institute of South Africa NEMISA SOUTH AFRICA

Contact : Stan Malema, Acting Executive Manager
Bruce Maweni, Broadcast Manager
Adresse / Address : 21 Girton Road Parktown, Johannesburg 2193
P.O. Box 545 Auckland Park       Johannesburg 2006
Tel. : +27-11 484 0583 -
Fax. : +27-11 484 0615
EMail : info@nemisa.co.za   
URL : http://www.nemisa.co.za
Created : 1999 Statut : Privé

Niveau / Level : Professionnel

Degré / Degrees : Diploma

Critère d'admission / Prerequisite : 3 year Diploma or Degree in Communication, Information Technology, Journalism, Media Studies and Information Science.

Cours / Courses : The Radio Diploma is made up of basic, intermediate and advanced levels and covers all aspects of content gathering, processing and presentation. Students are initially introduced to the principles of radio production and programme development. They will master how to research and write programme content, the sales and marketing thereof, as well as how to manage a newsroom.
Radio Production Course Outline:
* Introduction to Radio Production
* Research and Programme Development
* Writing for Radio
* Post Production and Packaging for Radio
* News Room Management
* Sales and Marketing
* New Media & Radio (focus on internet radio and satellite transmission)
* Radio Engineering
* Specialty Reporting & Production
* Human Rights (focus on gender and race)
* Health (focus on AIDS)

Durée / Duration : 2 years

Commentaire / Comment.
NEMISA is a skills development initiative by the National
Department of Communications with a clear mandate, of facilitating the bridging of the digital divide through developing skills in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.
The primary objective of training at NEMISA is to equip trainees with real-life practical experiences of what they will encounter in the broader multimedia and broadcasting industry. This fully-integrated training is conducted in a technologically driven environment that harnesses the creativity of students while at the same time providing them with critical skills required in the industry..
Ultimately, NEMISA’s goals are defined in terms of the Institution’s Mandate, viz. to bridge the digital divide between communities while aiming at reducing the shortages of critical skills within the industry.

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