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AEQ EN / SP Fournisseur / Supplier
AEQ produces digital consoles and broadcasting systems ...

AEQ - MAR4Win EN Fournisseur / Supplier
[From the AEQ Website] Automation software: MAR4Win is an advanced automation, management and transmitting system for professional radio broadcasting. It includes the most powerful tools designed to perform all the usual tasks involved in a radio station. From MAR4Win you can create, edit and broad ...

AEV EN Fournisseur / Supplier
AEV produces consoles, coder, telpehone hybrid, digital studio system, transmitters, amplifiers… ...

AKG EN Fournisseur / Supplier
AKG manufacture microphones, headphones and accessories ...

Aldena EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Radiating systems composed of ALDENA antennas, may really be considered the best alternative among the FM antennas of the market, in terms of cost, reliability, durability, weight and transport costs (according to the manufacturer Web site). ... ITALY

Antenna Pro FR Fournisseur / Supplier
Antenna Lt, ST, Pro et Vidéo : ensemble de logiciels pour la radio et la télé diffusion sous Windows. Ces suites incluent : programmation, gestion publicitaire, voice-tracks/émissions préparées, live-assist, direct, automate, édition, rippage, compression, etc. Formation sur site négociable. Fourn ... FRANCE

Audacity FR Fournisseur / Supplier
Audacity est un logiciel libre et open-source destiné à l'édition et à l'enregistrement sonore. Il est disponible pour Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux et d'autres sytèmes d'exploitation. Uniquement en français. ...

Audioenhance EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Radio automation software ...

B.BEAM EN / FR Fournisseur / Supplier
[ENGLISH below] B.Beam est un fabricant belge de matériel d'émission radio FM et TV. La gamme de produit couvre: les émetteurs FM, les amplis FM Mosfet, les antennes, les mâts haubanés, les pylônes autoportants, les diplexeurs, les cavités, les codeurs RDS, les codeurs stéréos, les faisceaux, les au ... BELGIUM

Behringer Fournisseur / Supplier
Behringer produce a wide range of signal processors including mixers and pre-amplifiers and effects units ...

Beyerdynamic EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Beyerdynamic produce microphones, headphones, accessories, wireless systems and conference systems. ...

Broadcast Electronic - AudioVAULT EN Fournisseur / Supplier
AudioVAULT: a broadcasting automation software for program generation and audio management; it is a department of BE. There is a version called VAULT Express dedicated for radio stations that produce live content, ON-AIR Pack is the perfect solution with the ability to import schedules from virtual ...

Broadcast System International EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Audio automation software : Simian (under Windows environment); other products: WaveCart, Speedy and Stinger. BSI prposes various packages. Each suite is designed to meet different needs. In the Total Station Suite, everything you need to go on-the-air is included, except the PC's. The Automation S ... USA

BSI Broadcast Equipment Company EN / FR Fournisseur / Supplier
FM Exciters - Solid State Amplifiers - STLs - Antennas - Radio and Television Studio Products - Hot Signature MONSTER FM on air processing ... FRANCE

Cakewalk EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Cakewalk offers a range of professional and domestic tools for Windows-based music and sound production, like SONAR and Cakewalk Pro Audio 8 ...

Campware EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Français ci-dessous_________ Campcaster is a free and open source automation system for radio stations: it provides live studio broadcast capabilities as well as remote automation in one integrated system. Only for Linux plateform. Used in Sierra Leone for instance. Français__________Campware est ...

Clyde Broadcast Products EN / FR Fournisseur / Supplier
Clyde Broadcast Products est une société spécialisée dans la production et l’installation de matériel destiné au secteur du broadcast audio. Parmi ses produits phares SYNERGY: la «station broadcast numérique intégrée» . Ce produit "Synergy" veut offrir aux petites et moyennes organisations un outil ... ENGLAND

Creamware EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Editor software : CUTmaster for speedy news edits, features, complex jingles, and even entire CD productions. For journalists, radio people, broadcasting centers, recording studios, free radio stations, ...

Dalet EN Fournisseur / Supplier
DaletPlus Radio Suite: State-of-the-art News Production and Music Programming DaletPlus Radio Suite provides a set of easy-to-use production and workflow management tools for news production and music programming. Every step of the production and playout process can be programmed or automated: revi ...

Denon Fournisseur / Supplier
Denon produce a broad range of equipment, both professional and domestic. Denon CD players are a standard piece of equipment in many community radio stations. ...

ECRESO RFTS BROADCAST EN / FR Fournisseur / Supplier
FRANCAIS ci-dessous____ As a professional FM broadcasting company, ECRESO RFTS BROADCAST has created a full range of state-of-the-art, reliable devices. ECRESO’s 5th Generation range of stylish and extremely efficient equipment offers you a wide selection of FM transmitters that power ranges from 20 ... FRANCE

ELETEC Radio Television EN / FR Fournisseur / Supplier
Eletec Broadcast is a company operating in the broadcasting field having several year experience in the execution of turn-key projects for the transmission equipment to broadcasting FM and TV. Eletec Radio Television has been set-up to develop and expand the activity to the TV broadcasting field ana ... FRANCE

Emagic EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Editor of LOGIC PRO, audio editing software for MacIntosch. Professional music composition, audio recording, sound generation, notation editing, post production ...

Jazler EN / FR / PO Fournisseur / Supplier
Broadcast automation software: Jazzler. Jazzler offer a freeware version: JazlerSHOW! ...

Mac Sweet Mac EN / FR Fournisseur / Supplier
Créée en décembre 2000, la SARL Mac Sweet Mac est spécialisée notamment dans l'audio professionnel. Cette société qui nous a été recommandée par le chef de Projet RFI-Khuluma est spécialisée dans la diffusion de systèmes numériques de type Protools HD ou Adamson ainsi que des configurations de régie ... FRANCE

Marantz EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Denon & Marantz Professional Products include a large range of machines and systems: from CD and cassettes players and recorders, Minidiscs to broadcasting studios, then under the name Denon Professional. ...

Minidisc Community Portal EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Any question you might have about minidiscs: you will find the answer here: manufacturers' webpage, manuals, pricing, etc. ... USA

Neumann EN Fournisseur / Supplier
The microphone company… ... GERMANY

Neutrick EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Neutrik manufactures a wide rande of audio connectors, plugs, jacks… ... LIECHTENSTEIN

OMB Electronic System EN / FR / SP Fournisseur / Supplier
OMB produces radio transmitting systems: FM transmitters, radio links, antennas, broadcast audio mixers, etc. OMB produit des émetteurs, des faisceaux hertziens, des répétiteurs, des antennes, des tables de mixages, etc. The company is located in two locations: Europe and the United States. In Eur ... ESPANA

Orban EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Orban produces broadcast audio processors and digital editing systems. ...

Otari EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Otari produces a range of recording equipment from audiocassette and tape recorders to digital editing systems ... JAPAN

PHF COM FR Fournisseur / Supplier
PHF COM propose des configurations de stations FM pour le marché Africain. PHF COM propose des stations FM clef en main pour tout type de budget. PHF COM est présente en Afrique de l'Ouest au travers d'une représentation basée à Lomé, Togo: PHF COM AK. (source: site de la société) ... FRANCE

R.V.R. Elettronica EN Fournisseur / Supplier
R.V.R. Broadcast Equipment manufactures FM exciters, mosfet, studio links, tube amplifiers, antennas. ... ITALY

Radiohost EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Software for radio automation: integrated software radio automation suite for the twenty-first century station. Radiohost products include the Broadcast, for live assist or fully automated broadcasting; Communicator, a tool box and dubbing station for busy program directors; Heavy rotation, a versa ...

Rane EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Rane produces signal processors including mixers, pre-amplifiers and effects units. ...

RCT France EN / FR Fournisseur / Supplier
Rct France est spécialisé dans la fourniture de matériel radio FM, émetteurs radio et télévision, antennes, amplificateurs HF, faisceaux audio et vidéo, tables de mixage, lecteurs CD, lecteurs K/, micros studio, station de radio FM, conseil. Sur son site, Rct France propose plusieurs kits radios com ... FRANCE

Rode Microphones EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Rode manufactures microphones. ...

S.F.L Télécommunications EN / FR Fournisseur / Supplier
S.F.L. Téllécommunication réalise tous les services et prestations dans les domaines de la radio et de la télévision (émission / réception), l’installation clés en main, conseils, consultant technique, recherche de fournisseurs, de tout type de matériel radiodiffusion, télévision, radiocommunication ... FRANCE

Sadie EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Sadie products includes software and audio work stations, and accessories. According to the Sadie Website, the PCM4 represents the entry-level product in the new SADiE Series 5 range. PCM4 is ideal for music and radio production and all general high-end editing applications. The PCM4 utilises the ne ...

SFL Telecom Broadcasting EN / FR Fournisseur / Supplier
La société SFL est active aussi bien en France qu’à l’étranger ( Afrique, Moyen-Orient et Asie ). Elle réalise tous types de services et de prestations tels que : - la consultation technique avec études et simulations, - la vente, la livraison et l’installation de stations complètes ‘’clés en ... FRANCE

Shure Fournisseur / Supplier
Shure manufactures a wide range of microphones and accessories ...

SIEL Sistemi Elettronici EN Fournisseur / Supplier
SIEL manufactures FM exciters, FM amplifiers, radio links, etc. SIEL equipment are sold worldwide through local distributors, including in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, South Africa. ... ITALY

SIGNIS Service Rome EN / FR / SP Fournisseur / Supplier
[FRANCAIS ci-dessous] SIGNIS Service Rome is an integrated component of SIGNIS ( It acts as a technical service and a supplier in the communication and audiovisual sectors. It can supply communication (satellite telephone, V-Sat system, etc.) and audiovisual equipments. In th ... ITALY

Sofratec s.a.r.l. EN / FR / SP / PO Fournisseur / Supplier
SOFRATEC was established in 1988 by a team of specialists in the field of Radio/TV Broadcasting. SOFRATEC has earned the reputation for building Rock Solid FM / TV transmitters designed for continuous use and high reliability. The TX line of Solid State Transmitters are the most rugged and robust ... FRANCE

Sony EN / FR Fournisseur / Supplier
Sony manufacture a complete range of audio domestic and professional products: from microphones, MiniDiscs, recorder, mixing tables to digital editing systems. Sony produit une large variété d'équipements audio, grand public et professionnel : du micro au sysème d'édition numérique en passant par l ...

Soundcraft EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Soundcraft produce mixing desks: for production and on-air studios ...

Steinberg EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Steinberg is the developer of software like WAVELAB 5, CUBASE, VIRTUAL EFFECTS, NUENDO, for audio editing, music, etc. ...

Syntrillium - Adobe Audition EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Cool Edit Pro is now Adobe Audition. Adobe® Audition 1.5 software is a professional audio editing environment. Designed for demanding audio and video professionals, Adobe Audition offers advanced audio mixing, editing, and effects processing capabilities. Its flexible workflow, combined with exce ...

Telos EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Telos manufactures digital telephone hybrids, multi-line talkshow systems, digital codecs for high-quality digital audio transmission and streaming MP3 hardware ...

The Radio Project EN / FR / SP / PO Fournisseur / Supplier
The A-Infos Radio Project was formed in 1996 by grassroots broadcasters, free radio journalists and cyber-activists to provide ourselves with the means to share our radio programs via the Internet. To our knowledge, the A-Infos Radio Project was the first grassroots media project of it's kind on the ... USA

Transmitters Documentation Project EN Fournisseur / Supplier
The Website tracks Worldwide Short Waves radio stations of any kinds: governmental & public, religious, commercial, free & pirates, clandiestine, non-profit & NGO. In the page it offers links to 37 FM radio Broadcast Transmitter Manufacturers. Am ... BELGIUM

Transom Tools EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Transom Tools provides technical help for producing programs, from collecting sound in the field, through editing and mixing on Digital Workstations, up to preparing your program for uplink or upload. The columns and discussion boards can help experienced producers negotiate the conceptual shift fro ... USA

Wantok Entreprises Ltd EN / FR / SP Fournisseur / Supplier
[FRANCAIS ci-dessous] A complete FM Radio Broadcast station contained in a single suitcase. All required components included, you need only supply power. And at a very cheap price: less than US$ 5.000,00 with a 30 W transmitter, and less than US$ 6.000,00 with a 100 W. So this offer looks appealing: ... CANADA

Winamp EN Fournisseur / Supplier
Play back sound files and Play list ...

ZaraStudio EN Fournisseur / Supplier
ZaraStudio is an application designed to automate radio stations, though its features make it useful too for supermarkets, shops, coffees... Random music styles, fades and automatic overlaps between songs based on sound level, DTMF tones detection without additional hardware, remote control through ...