TRRAACE is a joint-venture between the three following organisations:

Centre des Médias Communautaires
Africains (CEMECA)

BP 210 Dedougou, BURKINA FASO
Tel: (00226) 20 52 10 22
Fax : (00226) 20 52 10 22
Mobile :(00226) 70 25 36 39

E-mail : cemeca@mediafrica.net
Web : http://www.cemeca-cemeca.org
Association pour la Promotion
des Médias (APM-Bénin)

01 Boîte Postale 3566
Porto Novo, Rép. du BENIN
Tel. : + 229 - 20 21 26 88
et 20 21 29 32

E-mail :apmbenin@gmail.com
et radioecoleapm@gmail.com
Web : www.radioecole.org
EcoNews Africa

P.O. Box 10332-00100
Nairobi, KENYA
Tel. : +254-20-2721076,
2721655, 2725743
Fax: 254-20-2725171

E-mail : info@econewsafrica.org
Web : http://www.econewsafrica.org

Although numerous resources for community, associative, local and rural radio stations exist, they are scattered. How many hours are spent on the Internet to find something…often in vain! For sure, a lot of time could be saved if all this information could be gathered on one unique site. On top of that, it would be an additional gain if this information was selected and if this was done in an independent spirit. TRRAACE gathers useful information and resources at the benefit of associative, community, rural and local African radio stations. TRRAACE makes them available and accessible to these radios in Africa to facilitate and reinforce their work and performance.

TRRAACE proposes a presentation, and when applicable the link to the respective Internet site:
• Radio networks :
  - African networks of community, associative, rural and local radios stations
  - International networks : national and international non-African networks of community radios
  - Thematic networks : international networks of associative radio stations focused on specific sectors: rural, students, religious, etc.
• Partners offering support and services to the African radio stations :
  - Professional media associations
  - Professional media associations
  - Donors
  - International radio stations and sites offering links to worlwide radio online
• African radios : a directory of all African radio stations on air
• Resources :
  - TRRAACE library : books, documents and material online.
  - Banks of programmes : among them a few online
  - News sources : where to get revelant and alternative information ?
  - Suppliers of broadcasting and audio hardware and software
• Training :
  - A directory of African and international training centres, offering courses and training opportunities in the broadcasting field.
  - Training sessions and opportunites : sessions, scholarship, attachments, etc.