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ABC Ulwazi EN NGO / Operateur
ABC Ulwazi is a radio training and production house for development and education in South Africa. In 2004 the training sessions were focused on "Covering Election", "Marketing for Sales and Marketing Managers", "News room leadership", "Producing Educational Programmes", Management for Sustainabilit ... SOUTH AFRICA

Africa Free Media Foundation EN NGO / Operateur
In a bid to address itself to new forms of censorship and strengthen emerging independent media in Africa, NDIMA has made major shift in its policies narrowing its programmes to Human Rights Advocacy and Media support. Special emphasis is now placed on training and acquisition of skills to journalis ... KENYA

Audience Dialogue EN NGO / Operateur
The aim of the "Audience Dialogue" web site is to provide useful information for communicators of all kinds: broadcasters, publishers, NGOs, arts groups, webmasters, educators... and anybody else who's interested in using research-based techniques to make their communications more effective. The ini ... AUSTRALIA

Bureau Afrique de Radio Nederland EN / FR / PO NGO / Operateur
[English - Portuges below] Le Bureau Afrique de Radio Nederland (BARN), installé à Cotonou au Bénin (Afrique de l'Ouest), est une unité régionale de Radio Nederland et de Radio Nederland Training Centre basés à Hilversum aux Pays-Bas. Avec l'appui de cadres et de talents locaux et régionaux, le BARN ... BENIN

Catholic Media Council EN / FR / SP NGO / Operateur
[FRANCAIS ci-dessous] The Catholic Media Council itself has no funds to allocate and does not channel projects to funding agencies. CAMECO offers media practitioners support in the fields of * project planning: the definition of concepts, target groups and media strategies, the participation of st ... GERMANY

CMC Sénégal EN / FR / PO NGO / Operateur
Définition du CMC * Le CMC, une passerelle directe entre la radio et Internet. * Le CMC, une plate forme qui combine et articule la radio communautaire et un centre d’accès communautaire, un télécentre ou un cyberespace communautaire, un centre de ressources, une structure multimédia, etc. * Le ... SENEGAL

Communicating for Change EN NGO / Operateur
Communicating for Change is a Nigerian organisation providing a wide range of services in various communication fields, namely Television & Radio Production; Film Centre; Publications; Communications training & support; Presentations; Events Planning; Media Research. In radio sector, CFC produces ... NIGERIA

Communication Initiative / Soul Beat Africa EN NGO / Operateur
The Communication Initiative is a partnership of about 20 organisations seeking to support advances in the effectiveness of communication interventions for international development. Radio is one of the focal point of the Communication Inititative. The extensive website is very rich and diversified: ... CANADA

Community Media Association EN NGO / Operateur
CMA is the UK Community Media Association. We suggest you to go to the "Information" section of the CMA website. There you will find "The Showcase" which offers access to both fiction and non-fiction programmes in a variety of languages, made by individuals, community groups or organisations from al ... ENGLAND

Community Media Network for Eastern and Southern Africa EN NGO / Operateur
"Community Media Network for Eastern and Southern Africa" profiles community media initiatives in the sub-region. However it is quite difficult to find current information about the activities of this network. It is supposed to be a kind of umbrella and coordinating body gathering EcoNews Africa, Me ... KENYA

Community Radios Worldwide EN NGO / Operateur
The project aims to give information about community radio stations of the world on the World Wide Web. This project is somehow a support to different community radios all over the world which will benefit from free publicity on the Web and programs and/or experiences exchange relationship as well. ... FINLAND

Comunica EN / FR / SP NGO / Operateur
Several relevant links, documents and books about radio and new information technologies by local and independent media in less developed countries: most of the publication can be downloaded as pdf. It is proposed also to subscribe to "C-News" the Comunica's e-info service which is an occasional ele ... THE NETHERLANDS

Database of African Journalism Schools, UNESCO EN / FR NGO / Operateur
This database is made available within the framework of UNESCO's Programme in Communication and Information, and particularly the action "Building professional and institutional capacity for media training". The project was executed between November 2006 and May 2007, by the Rhodes University Schoo ... FRANCE

Developing Radio Partners EN NGO / Operateur
Developing Radio Partners (DRP) is dedicated to supporting independent radio stations in young democracies through professional development in journalism, programming, station management, and finance. The DRP objectives are twofold: (1) to increase the number of independent community radio station ... USA

EcoNews Africa EN NGO / Operateur
EcoNews Africa is an NGO that examines global environment and development issues from an African perspective and reports on local, national and regional activities in Africa. The website under the section "Networks" offers access to two networks involved in Community Media issues : Kenya Community N ... KENYA

FAO Rural Radio EN / FR / SP NGO / Operateur
[FRANCAIS ci-dessous] FAO makes a great contribution to the promotion, support and animation of the rural radios community in Africa, and in other parts of the World. The FAO Extension, Education and Communication Service set up a special page dedicated to Rural Radio. This section of FAO webpages o ... ITALY

Fondation Hirondelle EN / FR NGO / Operateur
Les projets en cours de la Fondation Hirondelle sont : Radio Okapi, Monuc, Kinshasa, RDC; Radio Ndeke Luka, Bangui, RCA; Agence de Presse Hirondelle auprès du Tribunal Pénal International pour le Rwanda, Arusha; Support to Timor public service. Le site présente ces projets, mais aussi ceux qui sont ... SUISSE

Fréquences Libres FR NGO / Operateur
L’association pour la Coopération des radios libres (Corali) a créé un nouveau site : On y trouve les textes fondamentaux du secteur, une description du Fser, des liens utiles, les derniers numéros du magazine Fréquences libres (en PDF), les produits de la centrale d’achats ... FRANCE

Initiative For Mobile Training of Community Radio / INFORMORAC EN / FR / PO NGO / Operateur
INFORMOTRAC aims to strengthen community radio in Guinea Bissau, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and DR Congo. [Français ci-dessous] INFORMOTRAC is an initiative of Radio Nederland Training Centre (RNTC). INFORMOTRAC works with community radio stations, local, regional and national authorit ... THE NETHERLANDS

Institut Panos Afrique de l'Ouest FR NGO / Operateur
L'Institut Panos Afrique de l'Ouest (IPAO) développe plusieurs programmes: Conflit, Droits de l'Homme, Genre, Culture, NTIC et Minorités. A l'intérieur de chacun de ces programmes, les médias reçoivent une attention toute particulière, et restent une dimension transversale de l'action de l'IPAO. Dan ... SENEGAL

Institut Panos London EN NGO / Operateur
Panos's work centres around a belief that development must be sustainable economically, socially and politically, as well as ecologically; that pluralism in society and in the media is an essential component of sustainable development; and that there must be greater equity within societies, and betw ... ENGLAND

Institut Panos Paris EN / FR NGO / Operateur
Pour les radios africaines on soulignera surtout deux programmes mis en place par l'IPP: le programme DRIM et le programme Médias pour la Paix. L'IPP a deux représentants en Afrique centrale, et collabore avec les différents acteurs de la société, privés et publics. L'IPP publie de nombreux ouvrages ... FRANCE

INTERMEDIA Consultants SA FR NGO / Operateur
Les activités d'Intermédias Consultants sont ouvertes au monde de la radio, mais aussi de la presse écrite et des nouvelles technologies de l'Information. Intermédias consultants est l'opérateur principal de la coopération suisse dans le secteur de l'appui au pluralisme radiophonique et à celui de l ... SENEGAL

International Journalists' Network EN / SP / PO NGO / Operateur
The IJNET website collects and gathers a lot of information about worldwide media, with special focus on training and fellowships. There is a geographical and thematic access to the information. The site offers also a tremendous numbers of Journalists' codes of ethics. In addition to the web site, ... USA

Internews EN NGO / Operateur
Internews primary focus in Africa is to strengthen community access to balanced reporting so that citizens can make informed decisions about their futures. In Kenya and Nigeria, the Local Voices program works with radio journalists, talk show hosts, and DJs to provide timely and accurate information ... USA

ItrainOnLine EN / FR / SP NGO / Operateur
Itrainingonline offers materials and annotated links to high-quality resources in English, Spanish, French and other languages, on topics ranging from computer and Internet basics to highly technical areas. The information and annotations on ItrainOnLine site are free, and can be reproduced, transla ... FR NGO / Operateur
Le site "" propose des ressources pour la formation des journalistes (africains) et pour l'information (sur l'Afrique). 1. Ressources pour la formation: Cette partie du site offre des outils de base sur le métier de journaliste, mais aussi les étapes du processus journalisti ...

Kenya Community Media Network EN NGO / Operateur
Kenya Community Media Network (KCOMNET) is a national network of individuals, media organisations, media professionals and non governmental organisations (NGOs) that promotes community media and development communication in Kenya. ... KENYA

Khuluma Radio Project EN NGO / Operateur
In 2004, the "Khuluma Rodio Project" in South Africa conducted a series of 4 training sessions covering the electrions through community radio: two sessions were organised in Johannesbug at the NEMISA premises, and two provincial-based sessions, one in Cape Town and the other one in Polokwane (Limpo ... SOUTH AFRICA

La Benevolencija EN NGO / Operateur
In Rwanda, the foundation "La Benevolencija" uses two means for its communication strategy: mass media and grassroots activities. These activities are interdependent, with the grassroots' activities reinforcing the radio program messages. Radio Activities: Three types of radio program are bein ... RWANDA

Linking Agricultural Research for Rural Radio in Africa EN NGO / Operateur
The Linking Agricultural Research and Rural Radio in Africa (LARRRA) project is a collaboration of the University of Guelph, the Developing Countries Farm Radio Network (DCFRN), and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Fund for International Development, with national-level partn ... CANADA

Media Foundation for West Africa EN / FR NGO / Operateur
[FRANCAIS ci-dessous] In addition to the presentation of the Foundation, the website proposes actually (August 2004) under the section "Up-dates" some news about the media situation in the sub-region as well as Alert on attack to Press Freedom and journalists. We can subscribe to receive the Alerts ... GHANA

Media Helping Media EN NGO / Operateur
[Français ci-dessous] Media Helping Media (MHM) is an organization established to provide training resources and a voice for the media in transition states, post-conflict countries, and areas where freedom of expression and media freedom are under threat. The MHM website provides training modules de ... ENGLAND

Nederland Instituut voor Zuidelijk Afrika EN NGO / Operateur
The Website proposes an overview of the NiZA activities in Southern Africa. In the media sector, including broadcasting, NiZA collaborates with regional and national organisations like AMARC, MISA, NCRF, JED and Union Nationale de la Presse in Dem. Rep. Congo (DRC); media training institutions and p ... THE NETHERLANDS

Organisation du Couloir Abidjan - Lagos EN / FR NGO / Operateur
Le Fonds mondial de lutte contre le sida, la tuberculose et le paludisme vient de s’engager à financer l’extension du Projet Corridor en signant un partenariat en vue de l'attribution d’une subvention pour cinq ans. Ce projet vise à lutter contre la pandémie du VIH/SIDA le long du corridor commercia ... BENIN

Panos Eastern Africa EN NGO / Operateur
Panos Easter Africa is active in six areas: Governance & Globalisation, Health, Media for Peace, Media pluralism, Pastoralism and Gender. The website presents the organisation and the various programmes, without any specific "plus". The Media for Peace in Africa programme is a large multi-year progr ... UGANDA

Panos Institute - Southern Africa EN NGO / Operateur

Plan International EN / FR NGO / Operateur
[FRANÇAIS ci-dessous] The International headquarters of Plan are located in United Kingdom. Plan works in 62 countries worldwide, in communities where many people struggle to meet their basic needs. Plan works in partnership with local people of all ages, supporting them to end poverty in their comm ... ENGLAND

Radio Broadcast Development Foundation. Academy for Radio Broadcasting EN NGO / Operateur

Radio for Peacebuilding, Africa EN / FR NGO / Operateur
[ENGLISH: see presentation of the project into the objectives] En 2004, Search for Common Ground a lancé un projet "Radio for Peacebuilding, Africa" dont le but est de développer des techniques de construction de la paix adaptées au média radio en Afrique sub-saharienne. En créant ce projet, Search ... BELGIUM

RadioActive EN NGO / Operateur
RadioActive offers the followings services: * Providing technical and logistical consulting in the planning of community stations * Conducting feasibility studies and technical surveys for stations and station networks * Designing and supervising the construction of radio studios and transmitter ... ENGLAND FR NGO / Operateur
On trouve sur le site de RadiosansFrontiè du son, de l'image, de la vidéo et du texte. Les activités principales de RadiosansFrontiè sont : * Radio Lucie: une Web-radio dédiée à la culture francophone, mais aussi un plan de formation à l'usage des NTIC appliquées au secteur de la radio ... FRANCE

Rencontre Internationale des Radios de l'Aire Francophone FR NGO / Operateur
La Riraf est un lieu d'échange et de réflexion sur l'appropriation par la communication des préoccupations de la société civile. Elle réunit les acteurs des radios de l'aire francophone qu'ils soient journalistes, animateurs(trices), techniciens(tiennes) ou encore responsables d'antenne. Chacun témo ...

Réseau de Journalistes Formateurs du Congo FR NGO / Operateur
Le Réseau de Journalistes Formateurs a été créé à l'issue d'une série de formations de formateurs assurées par le Groupe de Recherche et d'Echanges Technologiques ( GRET) en partenariat avec l'Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Lille (ESJ) en France. Les membres le composant ont été retenus parmi ... R.D. CONGO

Réseau des Journalistes-Formateurs FR NGO / Operateur
Créée le 14 septembre 2005, à la suite d'une session de formation de formateurs, le RJ-F proposera des formations à la carte. Le réseau concevra des formations à travers un programme adapté, par un questionnaire, une étude des cas, et par un choix des intervenants approprié. Le RJ-F accompagnera d ... R.D. CONGO

RFI Talent+ / RFI Planète Radio EN / FR NGO / Operateur
Depuis 10 ans Radio France Internationale s'est dotée d'un service de formation internationale. Ce service aide à la professionnalisation des radios publiques et privées des pays en développement. Au sein de ce service est né le projet RFI-Khuluma avec comme objectif l'aide au développement et au re ... FRANCE

Search for Common Ground - Brussels Offices EN / FR NGO / Operateur
[FRANCAIS ci-dessous] The European Centre of Search for Common Ground (ECCG), in partnership with Search for Common Ground (see seperate entry), is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation that operates in the field of conflict prevention and resolution, meaning the pursuit of peaceful method ... BELGIUM

Search for Common Ground - Waskington Offices EN NGO / Operateur
Search for Common Ground (SFCG) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation that operates in the field of conflict prevention and resolution, meaning the pursuit of peaceful methods of dialogue and negotiation to curb present or potential violent/non-violent conflicts. The SFCG has been worki ... USA

Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation - ACP-EC EN / FR / PO NGO / Operateur
[FRANCAIS ci-dessous] Among other programmes, CTA gives a special attention to the rural radio. In 2001 and 2002 CTA had a Rural Radio Programme : Aimed at strengthening the links between extension workers and farmers, promoting knowledge-sharing between farmers, and addressing the problem of illite ... THE NETHERLANDS EN / FR NGO / Operateur
FRANCAIS suit _________________ makes social investments and provides services that build the capacity of telecentre operators around the world. This site aims to: * Help people who work in telecentres to find the answers, materials and relationships they need to make their telec ... CANADA

The Resource Alliance EN NGO / Operateur
The Resource Alliance started as the International Fund Raising Group (IFRG) in 1981 when 36 people gathered at the first International Fundraising Workshop. The Resource Alliance is an international network working to build the capacity of not for profit organisations to mobilise funds and local r ... ENGLAND

In addition to the presentation of the organisation, and other materials, the Website proposes the TRANSCEND Handbook "Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means: The TRANSCEND Method": it can be download as a full PDF document (size: 1,7 MB) or by moduls. It includes the participant's and the traine ... EN NGO / Operateur
Transom Tools provides technical help for producing programs, from collecting sound in the field, through editing and mixing on Digital Workstations, up to preparing your program for uplink or upload. The columns and discussion boards can help experienced producers negotiate the conceptual shift fro ... USA

Ugandan Radio Network EN NGO / Operateur
From a hub in Kampala, the Uganda Radio Network produces news and information supported by a network of six regional correspondents and a number of freelancers. A variety of news and audio stories cover business, sport, entertainment, lifestyle, arts and culture. Available in text and audio formats ... UGANDA

World Association for Christian Communication EN / FR NGO / Operateur
Based for many years in London, WACC headquarters have been moved to Canada : the new global offices of the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) in Toronto, Canada were inaugurated Monday, 2 October 2006. ... CANADA